Are you searching for methods to defend your hair from getting damaged? It’s a fact that when you get to experience hair breakage, it negatively affects the way others would look at you, and most importantly, the way you see yourself also. Luckily enough, your damaged hair strands can be repaired by employing the Paul Mitchell hair straightener products. These are some info that you have to know about their products.

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth 1.25 Hair Straightener Flat Iron, 1-1/4 Inch
There’s always a way to change some rules, and this is exactly applicable to the Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth 1.25 Hair Straightener Flat Iron, 1-1/4 Inch iron. This kind of smoothening and straightening tool is a mixture of two elements: namely ceramic and silicone. Thru this kind of mixture, you will get a lightning-fast ion which will create fully-charged negative ions that’ll break up molecules of water and then perforate them into the hair.

Such penetration will restore the dampness and seal off the cuticle. You can now attain the courage of saying goodbye to the static and flyaways forever because of the advanced features of this tool. Its Far Infrared heats softly smoothens every strand, so that you will have that feeling of softness and silkiness.

Fun Fact: The “express ion” capability of the product is the one that permits you to enjoy smooth and touchable hair for a longer time. Its advantage over the other merchandise out there are many: decreases smoothing time, provides super-quick smoothening from the inside and out, conditions your hair and seals outer skin layer. The super-charged negative ions neutralises the electrical charge in the hair to help in keeping flyaways and static electricity at bay.

Furthermore, these Paul Mitchell flat irons has numerous advance features. Solid ceramic heaters provide even distribution over 1.25-inch cushion plates, variable temperature settings can be availed, the tilted edges would guarantee that you get not one demarcation line, and the slim plate design allows straightening close to the scalp. The Express Ion Complex is being combined into the plates to speed up the procedure and give protection against harm.

Paul Mitchell “The Smoothing Iron” Professional Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 3/8 Inch
This kind of flat iron is designed to shield against breakage by sealing in the moisture and natural oils, and give longer-lasting color. This product is great for nearly each texture and style, and you may attain an even and smooth heating and hairstyling. This kind of iron is really capable of heating uniformly, hence making sure a fast yet balanced closure of the cuticles for a brilliant shine and glass-like finish.

There is no need for you to get anxious regarding the hot spots. The paddle surface is evenly heated with the use of ceramic fusion that is designed to guard against overheating. The manufacturer guarantees that the 5 temperature settings (from 170 to 400 degrees) of the tool would let you choose the appropriate quantity of heat for your hair’s condition and texture.

Fun Fact: One of the finest features is its slanted ceramic plates. Usually, a standard flat iron leaves a mark close to the scalp which points where the hair was straightened, separating it from those nearest to the scalp which wasn’t straightened in the process. But with this Paul Mitchell flat Iron, the marks are blotted out by the plates, making the hair near to the scalp looking really seamless than divided.

The extra capabilities of this product are that it encourages retention of dampness, the addition of glaze and luster and a UL listed cord. Its fast warming ceramic paddles has the capacity of achieving the full warmth that you’re going to require. It’s also excellent for every type of hair (damaged, medium, fine, ethnic, coarse and also the chemically damaged).

It’s true that there are such a lot of types of hair straighteners in today that it will take an experienced user to pick the correct one. Even the very experienced people would need to have various tips from several reviewsof the product to aid them in making the right option. It is an assurance that a Paul Mitchell Hair Straightener is something worth purchasing.

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